SIGN-Hsieh Yu-Cheng Solo Exhibition
Soka Art Tainan
5 December 2020 — 2 January 2021




Speeding on the highway, I would usually glimpse those worn, hanging, and gleaming advertising signs which, day and night, stand unapologizingly on open fields or in the woods. An upright posture of such would sometimes clash into my line of sight, glaring at me with its striped, bare structures, along with the sense of loneliness emanating from the open field at its feet. The object, me, and the actual distance between the object and me, would approach the vanishing point ahead at a high speed altogether.

Perhaps, it is because these advertising signs carry the yearning for, as well as the function of, being stared at, their existence forces my gaze towards the self on the night road. The English word “sign” as in advertising signs has a similar meaning with the word “mark,” both indicating a mark of something important. The former is especially related to vision, as in “traffic signs” and “shop signs.” In addition, it can also refer to the space where some information occurs. Specifically, compared to the literal experience of gazing, the word “sign” as an indication of something awaiting in the future or the presence of something else, perhaps, goes beyond actual visual experience; it predicts and captures the veiled status and signal of an existence.

This solo exhibition is named “Sign,” with the aim to capture the entity hanging between existence and gazes. I use different materials, objects, photography and other forms to construct the abstract experience between a visual carrier and an object itself. I capture the gestures of depicting and of signing one’s name in current photographs, all as a sign of measurement, a witness of signs, and a reimagination of signals.

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