謝佑承 X 蔡宗勳
HSIGH Yu-Cheng X TSAI Tsung-Hsun
Mirror stainless steel, LED lights, Micro-controller
240 x 240 x 30 cm (Five Pics)

打破空間、時間的意識型態,突破傳統場域的框架,邀請觀眾走進參與作品,在這之中架起一座平行通道, 聯繫現在與過去,(O)的鏡面與背面的虹光相呼應,形成一體兩面的錐狀環光,讓觀賞者自由穿梭其中,藉由錯視的效果,探索地平線上共構的蜃景與實際的空間。

(O) wants to challenge your relation to space and time, light and dark, reality and illusion. It plays with traditional form and invites the audience to become a part of the artwork.When viewed from across the river, the illuminated rings sit suspended beneath the trees along the river bank throwing their reflection on the water. However, when seen up close, the rings are a combination of light, mirror reflection and void that welcomes the surroundings into the illusion.
The artist challenges our perception of what we see, what we think we see and what is actually there.

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