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Blank screen

相較於生活中充滿各種精采的發光影像,「No signal」只是一部投影機運行的初始畫面,同時也是連接影像訊號的唯一通道;面對這個畫面空檔的時候,我們通常會略過這個影像內容,因為它的意思是:「這裏還沒有東西」。我試圖再製一個日常所熟悉的數位投影畫面,以手繪的物質痕跡與數位質地的視覺交集,思考影像的存在與其自身的辯證。

Fluorescent pigment, Fluorescent lamps

Site-specific installation
Compared to various dazzling, glowing images that fill our everyday lives, "No Signal" is the initial image displayed before a projector is put to work, and it is the sole channel that leads to connection with visual signal. We often overlook the content of this blank, transitional image, because the message it deliver says, "There is nothing here just yet." I seek to recreate this familiar digital projection image, using traces from hand-drawn materials to create visual exchanges with visual contents, with the intention of examining the existence of images and their own dialectical presence.