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Shadow Side:Hsieh Yu-Cheng Solo Exhibition
24 November — 22 December 2018

太陽底下,如果一個東西遮擋了光線的行進,便會出現它的影子。影子若遺落主體而單獨行進,便成了暗室裡的投影。「亮處 Shadow Side」計畫展出一系列發光體與影像的空間裝置,其概念是素描數位影像與機器工具的另一半陰影。這些黑暗中的現形,也許不足以創造目眩神迷的刺激,也無法取代敘事影像傳達訊息。作為一種身影,它們是此刻與橫越不了的彼地,同時為「是」也「不是」的現實,謊言者與表裡如一。

If something under the sun blocks the procession of light, then its shadow appears. If a shadow loses its subject and marches alone, it becomes the projection in the dark room.“亮處 Shadow Side“ showcases a series of spatial installations exploring luminaries and images, attempting to sketch the other half shadow of digital image and machinery. These appearances might not be sensationally exciting nor could it replace the message transmitted by narrative image or video. Yet its existence is both the“now” and the unreachable “then”, and the reality of “yes” and “no”. They are the honest liers.

Venue|福利社 FreeS Art Space, Taipei